ミンナン シーフード レストラン で新鮮な魚介類を使用した中華料理を楽しもう!( Let’s Enjoy Chinese Cuisine with Fresh Fish and Shellfish at Minnan Seafood Restaurant !)

ミンナン シーフード レストラン で新鮮な魚介類を使用した中華料理を楽しもう!( Let’s Enjoy Chinese Cuisine with Fresh Fish and Shellfish at Minnan Seafood Restaurant !)


The appearance of the restaurant could be spoiled by the super typhoon Odette, which caused great damage to Cebu on December 16, but I was surprised that it was reopening even immediately after the typhoon. Due to the lack of drinking water and domestic water, they did not offer jasmine tea in pots, which is usually served free of charge. Also, not all menus can be ordered due to the limited availability of ingredients, but it is recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic Chinese food with plenty of fresh seafood at a reasonable price and spicy Chinese food fans…

ミンナンシーフードレストラン 基本情報
Minnan Seafood Restaurant Basic Info

住所 / ADD : Mantawe Ave, Tipolo, Cebu City, Cebu
営業時間 / Operation Hours : 11:00~20:00(Last order 19:30)
※営業時間は変更になることがあります / Operation hours might be changed
電話 / Tel : 0917-772-5902
駐車場料金 / Parking Fee : あり without charge

ミンナンシーフードレストラン とは?
What is Minnan Seafood Restaurant ?


The Minnan Seafood Restaurant, which opened in Mandaue city as the third long-established Chinese restaurant, serves Chinese cuisine with plenty of fresh seafood. It is also recommended for those who like spicy Chinese food that allows you to enjoy the spicy taste of chili peppers. The Chinese restaurant started by a couple from Fujian has a large aquarium in which fresh fish and shellfish are taken out and cooked on the spot.

Recommended Menu


At Minnan Seafood Restaurant, we recommend authentic Chinese food made with fresh seafood. I personally like spicy food, so I recommend spicy soup. For spicy soup, you can choose fish and shellfish, beef, pork, fish for ingredients.

Spicy Boiled Seafood Soup small P498/ Medium P698 / Big P898

Fried Spareribs with Garlic Small P228 / Medium P338 / Big P456

Juicy pork ribs are a dish that children will love. They are crispy outside and inside are very juicy…

Fried Rice : Small P168 / Medium P328 / Big P436


There are different types of fried rice, such as salted fish, seafood, and Yangzhou fried rice. There are also garlic rice and white rice, so why not order them with other side dishes?


今回はスーパー台風の被害からまだまだ復興途中のセブで楽しめる本格中華料理レストランのミンナンシーフードレストランを紹介しました。食材の確保も難しいため複数のメニューが品切れになってはいますが、家に電気も水もない状況の今生鮮食品を調理した料理を提供してくれるレストランは貴重です。缶フードに疲れてきた方や被災して疲れている方にスタミナをつけてもらうにも最適のミンナンシーフードレストランです。レストランはパークモールの近くにあるので旅行客の方にも比較的アクセスしやすい場所にあります。 台風22号の被害によりお亡くなりになられた方々やご家族そして被災され不自由な生活を送られているすべての方へ心よりお見舞い申し上げます。 セブのインフラが一日も早く整備されて通常の生活が送れる日がくること願っております。#BangonCebu=#RiseCebu

This time, I introduced Minnan Seafood Restaurant, an authentic Chinese restaurant that you can enjoy in Cebu, which is still in the process of recovery from the damage caused by the super typhoon. Since it is difficult to secure ingredients, multiple menus are out of stock, but restaurants that serve fresh foods cooked in the situation where there is no electricity or water at home are valuable. It is the best Minnan seafood restaurant for those who are tired of canned food or those who are tired from the disaster to get stamina. The restaurant is located near the park mall, so it is relatively easy for tourists to access. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to those who passed away in the typhoon No. 22, their families, and all those who have been affected by the disaster and are living inconvenient lives. I do hope that the infrastructure of Cebu will be improved as soon as possible and that the day will come when we can lead a normal life. #BangonCebu