シンガポール発 ” サラダストップ ! “で自分だけのサラダを楽しもう (Let’s try own style Salad at Salad Stop!)

シンガポール発 ” サラダストップ ! “で自分だけのサラダを楽しもう (Let’s try own style Salad at Salad Stop!)

一昔前はセブで新鮮生野菜を食べることは難しく、ホテルへ食事に行ったときぐらいしか食べる機会はありませんでしたが今ではシンガポール発祥の サラダストップ! がセブには2店舗あり、いつでも食べることができるようになりました。日本では東京に出店されていますが、食べたことがない方はセブに旅行に来た時に試してみてはいかがでしょうか?

A decade ago, it was still not easy to eat fresh vegetables in Cebu, and I only had the opportunity to eat it when I went to a hotel, but now there are two “SALADSTOP” in Cebu that originated in Singapore, and I can eat them at any time. In Japan, the store is open in Tokyo, but if you haven’t tried it, why not give it a try when you come to Cebu for a trip?

サラダストップ! オークリッジ 基本情報
SALADSTOP! Oakridge Branch Basic Info

住所/ ADD : Oakridge Business Park, Ground Floor, Oak Tree Drive 2, Banilad Mandaue City, Cebu
電話 / Tel : ̟+63 917 174 5975
営業時間 / Operation hours : 10:00-20:00
ウェブ / Website : https://saladstop.ph/en/
駐車場/ Parking あり 無料 Free of Charge

※セブにはオークリッジとAyala Center Cebuの中にも入っています/ There is also in Ayala Center Cebu
Level 4, Terraces Area, Ayala Center Cebu Cardinal Rosales Ave., Cebu City

サラダストップ! とは?

“サラダストップ!”はある家族が同じ夢を抱きその実現を目指し2009年シンガポールで誕生しました。その夢とは既存のサラダを新しい次元へ進化させ、そしてサラダとは結びつけが難しかったファストフードとのギャップを埋めながら “体に良いものを食べることは基本的な人権であると信じる活動”を世界に広げていきたいというものでした。

サラダストップは”今日食べるものが 未来のあなたを作る”ということを大切に考えています。

“SaladStop!” Was born in Singapore in 2009 with the aim of family has the same dream. The dream is to take the existing salad to a new level, and while bridging the gap with fast food, which was difficult to connect with salad, “activities that believe that eating good food is a basic human right” They wanted to spread it to the world by SALADSTOP!.

SALADSTOP! values that “what you eat today will make you in the future.”

“Eating wide awake (朝起きてたべること)”運動は環境と食物連鎖を考慮して、心と体を養うために可能な限り最高の食材を見つけるというサラダストップの取り組みです。


The “Eating wide awake” movement is a salad stop effort to find the best possible ingredients to nourish your mind and body, taking into account the environment and food chain.

そして良い食べ物を提供するために食品についての情報をサラダストップのHPで確認できるようになっており顧客は、サラダストップのカーボンフットプリント情報やすべてのメニューの栄養成分と提供部分をHPで確認することができます。Eat Wide Awake運動は、食品に対する態度に革命をもたらし、食品業界の透明性を高めることを目的としています。

And in order to provide good food, information about food can be confirmed on the HP of Salad Stop, and customers can check the carbon footprint information of Salad Stop and the nutritional components and serving parts of all menus on HP. The Eat Wide Awake movement aims to revolutionize food attitudes and increase transparency in the food industry.


Since opening in Singapore in 2009, it has been loved by many people and has now expanded to Singapore, the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia, and Salad Stop is a unique quick service salad bar that always gives you the opportunity to stop and think about food. They offer 50 kinds of fresh toppings and 20 kinds of homemade dressings. It is a shop where you can enjoy as many fresh and diverse vegetables as you like.



As the name suggests, SaladStop !, there are many menus that use a wide variety of fresh vegetables. The best part of SaladStop! Is that you can eat fresh vegetables in your favorite way.
※As of April 2021, the number of products available is limited due to the influence of Corona. 



You can choose your favorite salad such as SaladStop’s Signature Salad, Classic Salad, and Limited-time salad. Since there are so many choices, I’m wondering which one to try.


Signature Wrap Man-Go Wild


SaladStop’s Wrap is a healthy wrap that has a Signature Wrap and a Classic Wrap, and which are mixed your favorite salad and wraps in tortillas.

Warm Grains

グルテンフリーのスーパーフードと呼ばれるキヌアを使用したQdonとブラウンライスを使用したEL CHULOがあります。タンパク質もしっかりとれるメニューです。

There are Qdon with quinoa, which is called a gluten-free superfood, and EL CHULO with brown rice. It is a menu which you can get a good amount of protein.

Create your own


You can eat your favorite salads or wraps with your favorite vegetables, toppings and dressings.



There are healthy smoothies with chia seeds and pastries with bananas and carrots. It’s also a good idea to stop by for a break and have a healthy refreshment.

Available Menu as of April 2021


Signature Salads or Wraps


Basically, decide which salad to use and eat it as it is, or wrap it in tortillas.


Big Bird Salad
Go Geisha Wrap

Create Your Own


You can order either salad or wrap.
You can choose 8 toppings for salad and 6 toppings for wrap.

All Natural Smoothies

Pink Panther

・Berry Grape-Ful
・Pink Panther
・Green Glow


A healthy smoothie that allows you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they are.



In recent years, Cebu has become more healthy than before, and it is now possible to order salads at restaurants. The good thing about SaladStop is that you can stop by just like “grabbing a fast food” and have your favorite products made on the spot and take out. It’s fun to see colorful vegetables mixed in front of you and make your own salads and wraps, and the open kitchen makes you feel the safety of food. Why don’t you try SaladStop! Which you can enjoy both as Dine in and Take out when you come to Cebu?