勝手にお勧め 100円ショップアイテム キッズ文具 (Items of 100 yen shops-Kid’s stationery)

勝手にお勧め 100円ショップアイテム キッズ文具 (Items of 100 yen shops-Kid’s stationery)


A 100-yen shop that pervades Japanese homes as part of our daily lives. Nowadays, some stores sell items that are higher than 100-yen, but I would like to introduce useful items that can be bought with 1 coin and are indispensable for daily life.

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なんでもそろっちゃう100円ショップ お勧め100均アイテム を勝手に紹介します ( Recommended 100yen Shop Items)

なんでもそろっちゃう100円ショップ 100均アイテム でバレンタインギフトをつくろう ( Making Valentine’s Gift with 100 yen Shop Items )

Recommended Stationery

Art Class : Drawing


This time, I would like to recommend the 100 yen shop items of Kid’s stationery. Children enrolled in Japanese schools above elementary school will buy tool boxes and art sets at elementary school, so I think they will have basic items, but at Cebu schools, stationery is basically prepared by themselves before the start of the semester. It’s often out of stock and not available, so it’s helpful to have a 100-yen shop in Japan. If you have any items that interest you, please purchase them when you come to Japan.

Items used for watercolor painting using the palm and decoration of the month of birth


The task this time is for children to use their palms to draw flowers, to draw watercolors of fish swimming in the sea, and to spell out the month when the child was born and use it as colorful drawing paper. It was a class to cut into small pieces, roll them up, and decorate them. I would like to introduce 100 items that were very successful.

キッズ用 エプロン (ダイソー)
Kid’s apron (Daiso)


I believe we can easily find Aprons for boys and girls at any Major 100 yen shops. I saw cute print of Aprons at Can★Do last time when I visited them.
Definitely we need one for our kid’s cooking lesson or drawing class or playing clay.

(Can Do) ロディーのキャラクタープリントエプロン
(Can Do) Rody Aprons

Drawing Set (Water color, Palettes, brushes)

(セリア) 水彩画セット 
(Seria) Drawing Set


All the watercolor paints at home are from 100 yen shop. There are several kinds of watercolor paints, one is glitter paint. When used on colored drawing paper, the glitter was noticeable and cute. The brushes of this paint are excellent and we can put water inside of the brush grip, we don’t have to put water in bucket each time, and it’s easy to wash the brush, so we like it.

Watercolor Bucket

(Can★Do) Watercolor bucket


I could find a simple watercolor bucket that was easy to store in other stores, but I wanted this shaped one so I looked for it, I could only find it in Can Do. It is a must-buy because it is sold with a small sponge for draining.

Drawing Paper

(Seria) Drawing papers
Used Seria’s glitter watercolor paint


There is an art class once a week, and we always use drawing paper and colored drawing paper. Every 100-yen shop sells it, so why not buy one that you like, such as the quality of the paper?

(Daiso) Color Paper
(Can★Do) Drawing Papers
Can★Do has bigger size color paper, I haven’t seen this size in Daiso and Seria

Kid’s scissors

(Seria) 子供用ハサミ
(セリア) Kid’s scissors


Scissors with rounded tips that can be safely used by children are available at all 100-yen shops, so why not buy one with your favorite design? Some scissors can be cut into jagged edges, so some can be used for Christmas season and birthday parties.

Glitter Glue

(Seria) Glitter Glue


We used it for the work of roll and paste the paper in the month of birth, but it was cute because there was glitter in the glue. Next time we would like to use it for color drawing paper.

Water Based Color Pen

(Daiso) Water-Based Color Pen

We also have stock that will be refilled when the colors are used and gone.

Color Crayon

(セリア) カラークレヨン
(Seria) Color Crayon


I have tried various things, but the soft and easy-to-write crayon is this product that children use every day.



This time it was a class that used all the above items. I was surprised that everything was from 1 coin shop. Isn’t it possible to live with only 100-yen shop’s products? I have entered the world of imagination….How many 100-yen shop products are there around you now ? I’m sure you will find something you need at 100 yen shop, how about stopping by 100 yen shop in Japan?

(Seria) Decoration Tape
This items I am planning to get next time
(Daiso) Glue Stick
I haven’t seen colored glue stick, I will purchase this and bring back to Cebu


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