大阪発青木松風庵 月化粧ファクトリー で工場見学をして出来立て月化粧を食べよう! (Aoki Shofuan from Osaka – Tsuki Gesho Factory)

大阪発青木松風庵 月化粧ファクトリー で工場見学をして出来立て月化粧を食べよう! (Aoki Shofuan from Osaka – Tsuki Gesho Factory)


The factory of Milk Bun “Tsukigesho”, which is famous for Aoki Shofuan, opened in July 2020. At the Tsukigesho Factory, you can have inspection of Tsukigesho Factory for free and also can enjoy Aoki Shofuan Japanese and Western Confectionery at their Cafe. How about stop by Tsukigesho Factory of Aoki Shofuan to look for Osaka Souvenir ?

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大阪発月化粧で有名な青木松風庵の月化粧ファクトリーフォトスポット紹介 ( Photo Spots of Tsukigesho Factory-Aoki Shofuan Japanese-Western Confectionery Maker from Osaka )
大阪発 青木松風庵 月化粧ファクトリーに工場見学に行こう! (Let’s go Tsukigesho Factory to have a sweet tour !)
月化粧で有名な大阪発青木松風庵 (Aoki Shofuan – famous confectionary maker from Osaka )
月化粧で有名な大阪発青木松風庵 のケーキを試そう (Let’s try Aoki Shofuan Cakes at Eat in Space – famous confectionary maker from Osaka )
大阪発御菓子処青木松風庵 贈り物や自分へのご褒美にも最適スイーツ 伊右衛門月化粧 を試そう! ( Let’s try Aoki Shofuan “Tsukigesho Matcha”- Japanese Confectionery is great as a gift )
大阪発御菓子処青木松風庵 贈り物や自分へのご褒美にも最適スイーツ 月化粧もなか を試そう! ( Let’s try Aoki Shofuan “Tsukigesho Monaka”- Japanese Confectionery is great as a gift )
大阪発御菓子処青木松風庵 贈り物や自分へのご褒美にも最適スイーツ 朝焼 みかさ を試そう! ( Let’s try Aoki Shofuan Asayaki “Mikasa”- Japanese Confectionery is great as a gift )

月化粧ファクトリー 基本情報
Tsuki Gesho Factory Basic Info

住所/ ADD : 〒599-0203 大阪府阪南市黒田453-15
453-15 Kuroda, Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture 599-0203
電話 / Tel : 072-470-2525
ウェブサイト / Website : https://tsukigesho.com/factory/
営業時間 阪南店 / Operation hours of shop : 9:00~19:00
工場見学 / Factory : 10 : 00~17 : 00 ( 最終入館 / Last Entry : 16:30 )
入場料 / Entry Fee : Free ( 御菓子つくりは有料 / W/ Charge for making sweets )
月化粧カフェ/ Cafe : 10 : 00~17 : 00 ( ラストオーダー / Last Order : 16:30 )
お休み/ Closure : 元旦 January 1st
駐車場/ Parking あり 無料 Free of Charge

月化粧ファクトリー とは?
What’s Tsuki Gesho Factory?

月化粧はJAL国内線ファーストクラスの機内食として提供されている、みるく饅頭 “月化粧 ” を見て、知って、味わってもらえる来館のお客様がみんな笑顔になれる場所を提供するため月化粧ファクトリーは2020年7月にオープンしました。月化粧ファクトリーは月化粧の製造工程を見学できるだけの施設ではありません。月化粧ファクトリーの施設をみてみましょう。

Tsukigesho is offered as a first-class in-flight meal on JAL domestic flights. To provide a place where all visitors can smile to visit Tsukigesho Factory where you can see, know, and taste the milk bun “Tsukigesho”. It was opened in July 2020 in Osaka. Tsukigesho Factory is not only a facility where you can observe the manufacturing process of Tsukigesho, but also a place people can enjoy shopping and eating. Let’s check the Tsukigesho Factory Facilities together!

月化粧ファクトリー 施設案内
Tsuki Gesho Factory Facilities


“Tsukigesho Factory” is 2 floors. At 1st Floor, there are Aoki Shofuan Hannan Store and Tsukigesho Factory. At 2nd floor, There are Cafe and Making Confectionery Class Room. Let’s see more detail!

Inspection of the Factory


In the factory tour, you can see the story of the birth of Tsukigesho in the theater, watch the process manufactured in the tour passage through glass, and see the materials used by Aoki Shofuan in the exhibition area. Only the guests who joined the factory tour, can eat freshly baked Tsukigesyo after tour for free!

青木松風庵 阪南店
Aoki Shofuan Hannan Branch

There is a big Aoki Shofuan Hannan Branch store inside of the factory building on the 1st floor.


You can buy the Japanese and Western confectionery of Aoki Shofuan at the Hannan Branch, which is inside of Factory building. You can also buy seasonal confectionery and cakes, so please stop by. Once you visit Aokishofuan Hannan Branch, definitely better buy Hannan Branch limited confectionery and also the goods of Tsukigesho characters ” Tsukiro kun” and ” Milmochan”.

What’s limited confectionery?

Hannan Branch Limited Confectionery gift box


This gift box is the set of limited confectionery. There are ” Tsukigesho” with a print of character Tsukirokun and Milmochan (Tsukigesho Factory limited product), ” Tsukigesho Matcha ” ( to celebrate Tsukigesho Factory open product. Tsukigesho Factory, Nanba branch and internet shop limited product), and ” Tsukigesho Monaka ” (Tsukigesho Factory and Namba Branch limited product). A must-buy gift box for items that are difficult to obtain together at other stores.



As well as cakes and drinks, there are also seasonal parfaits and light meals that can only be eaten at the Tsuki Gesho Factory, so be sure to enjoy your tea time.

御菓子教室 (要予約)
Class of making confectionery (Need Reservation ahead)


They have Confectionery making lesson (with payment) at Tsukigesho Factory. If you want to make a reservation, you may visit their website. They open the website for making reservation 1st day of 2months before the event date.

The Making Confectionery Lesson Detail


This is a sweets class where craftsmen who make Japanese confectionery and cakes teach you how to make sweets.

定員 / Max : 20名
参加費 / Fee : ¥2500
開催日時 / Opening of Class :
毎週火曜日・日曜日 / Every Tuesday & Sunday 14:00 ~ 16:00
レッスン内容 / Content of lesson :
◎和菓子教室 / Japanese Confectionery Lesson :
上生2種、上用まんじゅう、季節のフルーツ大福 / 2 kinds of high quality Japanese fresh confectionery, steamed buns, seasonal fruit Daifuku
◎洋菓子教室 / Western Confectionery Lesson :
季節の素材を使った洋菓子三種 / Three kinds of Western confectionery using seasonal ingredients
※お申し込みはインターネット予約のみ受け付けております、お支払いに関しましてはクレジットカード決済となります / We only accept online reservations for applications, and payments will be made by credit card.
※予告なく変更されることがあります / Without notice, there might be changes

月化粧ファクトリー お勧めポイント
Recommended Points of Tsuki Gesho Factory

青木松風庵 阪南店 限定商品があります
Aoki Shofuan Hannan Branch sell limited confectionery

伊右衛門 月化粧抹茶 
Iyemon Tsukigesho Matcha


We can purchase “Tsukigesho Matcha” using “Iyemon” from Fukujuen, which was special collaboration with Iyemon to celebrate the opening of Tsukigesho Factory in July 2020. They started to sell from Tsukigesho Factory and Namba branch first then now we can also purchase it on line. And there are cute Tsukigesho with print of character of Tsukigesho, ” Tsukirokun” and “Milmochan” at Tsukigesho Factory. Just check all the products from edge to edge of the store, you can find rare product, ” Tsukigesho Monaka” etc….

月化粧ファクトリー限定 : 左 つきろーくん5歳  右みるもちゃん5歳
Tsukigesho Factory Limited Product : Left / Tsukiro-kun 5yrs Right / Milmo chan 5yrs

Tsukigesho Factory & Namba Branch Limited Product

The monaka skin and sweet bean paste are packed so that it can be eaten crispy and completed Monaka before eating by yourself

There is Aoki Shofuan Cafe where we can enjoy their products


There are products that can only be eaten at the Tsuki Gesho Factory cafe, so I have no choice but to go. In addition to sweets such as Matcha Parfait , Fruit Parfait and Anmitsu, there are also drinks and light meals such as omelet rice and curry. Tsukigesho fans will definitely find the sweets they want to try.

If you join the factory tour, you can eat freshly made Tsuki Gesho for free

After finishing observation of Tsukigesho manufacturing, you can enjoy freshly baked Tsukigesho!


Only at this Tsukigesho Factory can eat freshly made warm Tsukigesho for free. Products that are usually sold in stores are packaged and it’s cold. I’m happy to be able to try the freshly made Tsukigesho.

Freshly made Tsukigesho bean paste has a smoother texture

They have Eat-In Space in the Hannan Branch Store

The table behind the tree where many customers can relax is a table made from Shinboku.


Despite the fact that the Tsukigesho Factory has a cafe on the 2nd floor, the Hannan store on the 1st floor has an eat-in space. There is free drink service at their eat-in space. The shinboku of Kasuga Taisha Shrine in 1998 collapsed due to a typhoon, but now it has changed its appearance and continues to provide relaxation to many visitors at the large table of the specially processed shinboku.

Coffee and Tea Self Service Station



Finally I could visit Tsukigesho Factory and tried factory inspection. Now I know how they make yummy Tsukigesho and how much it was made safely. My kids enjoyed inspection and they were super happy to try freshly baked Tsukigesho there. How about having a sweet day with Aoki Shofuan Sweet Confectionary?

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