餃子といえば餃子の王将 ( Gyoza OHSHO )

餃子といえば餃子の王将 ( Gyoza OHSHO )


” Gyoza Ohsho ” is usually full at meal time. It is popular as a restaurant where you can eat delicious dumplings that are made with carefully selected ingredients at a reasonable price. Although it is a chain store, it is also famous for having different menus in each area and each store. Why don’t you try ” Gyoza Ohsho “, which is popular with Japanese people?


餃子の王将 和歌山 国体道路店
Gyoza Ohsho Kokutai Road Branch

住所/ ADD : 〒641-0007 和歌山県和歌山市小雑賀3-5-27
3-5-27 Kozaika Wakayama City, Wakayama, Japan 641-0007
電話 / Tel : 073-425-7272
ウェブサイト / Website : https://www.ohsho.co.jp/
営業時間 / Operation Hours :
月~金 Mon-Fri/11:30~23:00(Last Order 23:00)
土 Sat/11:00~23:00(Last Order 23:00)
日 Sun/11:00~22:00(Last Order 22:00)
月曜日が祝日の場合 If Monday is Holidays,
前日の日曜日 Sunday before holiday Monday/11:00~23:00(Last Order 23 :00)
Holiday Monday /11:00~22:00(Last Order 22:00)
お休み / Closure : 年中無休 NA
駐車場/ Parking あり 無料 Free of Charge

※Gyoza Ohsho has stores all over Japan, so please check the nearest branch information on the website. The operation hours are different at each branch.

餃子の王将 とは?

Handmade Fried Rice


Gyoza no Ohsho is a Chinese restaurant chain famous for gyoza that Osho Food Service Co., Ltd. operates nationwide mainly in the areas of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. Since opening the first store near Hankyu Omiya Station in Kyoto City in 1967, the number of stores has increased, and now there are about 730 stores nationwide, including directly managed stores and franchises. Business hours vary slightly depending on the store, and in addition to the grand menu, some stores offer their own ramen. In addition, Gyoza Ohsho changes the menu for each area according to the regional system and customer needs, and even if it is a national menu, there are some that offer different recipes in Kanto and Kansai. There are also menus that are offered in just size (small size) so that you can eat little by little, there are children’s sets, there are hearty sets for students, and menus tailored to various customers are being considered. And many Chinese dishes such as fried rice, Nirareba, sweet and sour pork, double cooked port, etc. are served by handmade cooking, which is a big attraction of Gyoza Ohsho. They are particular about handmade products because they want to provide hot and fresh dishes with all their hearts, and they flexibly respond to customer needs such as “I want spicy mapo tofu” and pursue the best dishes for the guests. Therefore, it is a Chinese restaurant chain that is popular with people of all ages.

Just Size ( Mini Size ) Fried Noodle

こだわりの餃子とは ?
What is the commitments of “Gyoza Ohsho ” dumplings ?


I think many people say that dumplings are ” Gyoza Ohsho “. Are you wondering why Gyoza Ohsho’s Gyoza has been loved by people for many years? I would like to introduce a little about Gyoza Ohsho’s commitment to gyoza.

Gyoza ingredients are 100% domestic

餃子3人前 / 3 orders of Gyoza


The main ingredients (pork, cabbage, leek, garlic, ginger, flour) are all domestically produced. Among them, we are particular about garlic from Aomori prefecture and wheat flour from Hokkaido.
* Some seasonings are not domestically produced.

No Freezing Storage


All of the safe, secure and fresh domestic ingredients are processed at our own factory in Japan and transformed into gyoza dumplings and skins using secret seasonings and manufacturing methods. It is not frozen at all from manufacturing to delivery to the store, and is delivered from the factory to the store every day, so it is outstandingly fresh no matter when you eat it.

From Their Own Factory to Each Store


Fresh dumplings that arrive at each store without being frozen are baked crisply on an iron plate specially made by Ohsho. The Gyoza Ohsho is also particular about serving freshly cooked hot dishes in an open kitchen.

Let’s try GYOZA at OHSHO!


They always serve freshly baked hot dumplings. You can make gyoza sauce to your liking, and you can change the sauce to enjoy the gyoza.

餃子のたれ2種類 オリジナル&ゆず風味そしてラー油
Two types of dumpling sauce, original & yuzu flavor and chili oil

Recommended Just Size Menu


You can try many products by ordering a mini size. Recommended for those who want to try various things and those who want to enjoy with dumplings. Since there are many just-sized products, I have picked up some recommendations.

ジャストサイズ 回鍋肉
Just Size Double Cooked Pork


It’s just the right size, but the meat and cabbage are cut into large pieces and I’m satisfied. You can eat it alone or share it with someone little by little.

ジャストサイズ 鳥の唐揚げ
Just Size Chicken Fried


It is a fried chicken of just size that I always order for children. It’s a size that only children can eat, so it’s just right.

ジャストサイズ 麻婆豆腐
Just Size Mapo Tofu


Mapo tofu is a little spicy, but it’s not too spicy and tastes just right for adults. Although it is just the size, it contains tofu and minced meat so you can enjoy it.

ジャストサイズ かに玉
Just Size Tianjin Rice


With plenty of sauce, it is popular with children. This is also a product that you order from your child every time.

ジャストサイズ 揚げそば
Just Size Fried Noodle


I personally like to order this just-sized fried soba and vinegar together and sprinkle a lot of vinegar on it, so I order it every time I go to Ohsho. Please try it.



Sometimes I really want to eat dumplings. At that time, I go “Gyoza Ohsho”, and eat Gyoza at the same time I also enjoy Chinese food on a small plate of just size. Horigotatu (A dug-out seats) are also available, so it is safe to go out for a meal with a small child. It is a reasonable Chinese restaurant that can be enjoyed by one person or a family as there is a hearty set menu from the kids menu. Do you not feel free to enjoy Chinese?

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