道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Park (Food Hunter Park Wakayama Shikinosato)

道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Park (Food Hunter Park Wakayama Shikinosato)

道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Park とは?
What’s Food Hunter Park Wakayama Shikinosato?

昔から和歌山で親しまれている四季の里公園がリニューアル計画第一弾として道の駅 四季の里公園 エントランスにFood Hunter Parkを2020年7月18日にオープンしました。” Be Wild-野生を楽しもう” をコンセプトに自然と向き合い火・水・土から生まれる食のおいしさを実感し、木々の中で癒され、生きる力を育む唯一無二の道の駅をめざしています。

Shikinosato Park, which has been popular in Wakayama for a long time, opened Food Hunter Park at the entrance of “Road Station” Shikinosato Park on July 18, 2020 as the first renewal plan of the park. With the concept of “Be Wild-Enjoy the wild”, they aim to be the one and only “road station” where we can face nature, experience the deliciousness of food produced from fire, water, and soil, be healed in the trees.Let’s get the power to live at Food Hunter Park Wakayama Shikinosato!

What’s Road Station?


There was always a service area on the highway, and there was a place for long-distance drivers to rest. However, before the “road station” was built, there were no such facilities on ordinary roads, and there was a need for such a resting space for the smooth flow of road traffic. The “road station” is a public-private partnership project in which each local government and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism cooperate to systematically promote the development of regional promotion facilities and the development of rest facilities on general roads. In addition, the roadside station must be equipped with a 24-hour parking space, restroom, telephone, and information provision facilities.

道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Park 基本情報
Food Hunter Park Wakayama Shikinosato Basic Info

住所/ ADD : 〒640-0305 和歌山市明王寺479-1
479-1 Myooji, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture 640-0305
電話 / Tel : 073-499-4370 (Market) / 073-499-4270 (Restaurant)
ウェブサイト / Website : https://fh-park.jp/
営業時間 / Operation Hours of shop:9:00~17:00 (12月30日〜1月3日休み / Close)
駐車場/ Parking あり 無料 Free of Charge


道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Park は5つのエリアから構成されています。

Food Hunter Park Wakayama Shikinosato has 5 areas.
Let’s see each area!

Fire-Dining Room


The fire dining room was created by renovating the interior, making the best use of the original wooden building. The building, the tables and chairs inside, and the interior are all made of warm wood, providing a relaxing space for visitors. In addition, there are a restaurant “Kashigisho”, a cafe “Aburisho” , a bakery “Kubesho” , and corner of information in the fire dining room building.

Restaurant ” Kashigisyo”

営業時間 / Operation Hours 11:00〜14:00


A restaurant where you can enjoy side dishes made with local miso, soy sauce, umesu(plum vinegar), which are unique to Wakayama, along with rice that has been milled and cooked by themselves.

Cafe “Aburisyo”

営業時間 / Operation Hours 9:00〜17:00


A cafe with a scent of coffee. You can enjoy not only coffee, but also drinks that use umesu or orange, which is unique to Wakayama. Then, try bread, cakes, and baked goods baked in a stone oven with drinks unique to Wakayama.


営業時間 / Operation Hours 9:00〜17:00


A bakery where you can enjoy homemade bread baked in a stone oven. The large stone oven, which is 3 meters square, was originally designed and made by Mr. Allen, a British craftsman based in his hometown of Wakayama. It has a very strong firepower and will bake delicious bread.

The Information Corner

情報コーナーでは大型モニター「FOOD HUNTER VISION」を使った地域の様々な情報を発信します。

In the information corner, various information on the area will be sent using the large monitor “FOOD HUNTER VISION”.

At the entrance of Fire Dining Room, there is take out counter and you can order Wakayama Kurosawa Farm’s Soft Cream!
ダイニングエリア / Dining Area



A lot of gimmicks that coexist with nature are hidden in the market of uniquely shaped buildings built along the loose curves of the adjacent pond. Water-Market are selling more than 50 original items and local fresh fruits and vegetables of Wakayama. The market is glass-walled facing the pond and is a space where you can shop while looking at the greenery.

水の市場入口 / Entrance of Water-Market
おしゃれな店内 / Inside of Water Market
Wakayama specialties, souvenirs, camping ingredients, etc. can be purchased at the market
You can get the items of Food Hunter Park
Water-Market is Facing the pound

Flame hearth-BBQ


The flame hearth area attached to the fire dining room is a barbecue area where you can enjoy the ingredients unique to Wakayama with a bonfire in the hearth with a diameter of about 3 m. There is an area with a tent for 10 people and an area where you can relax with a tarp between the trees, so you can enjoy nature with delicious meals as you wish.

Tree Garden- Playground


At the entrance, there is a tree with roots that holds stones, which is called “Stone-holding Akou Tree”. Around the entrance, a small hill spreads out, and it is a green area where many trees such as native species of Wakayama line up. And those huge area with trees gives a space for kids to play until they satisfy.

Soil- Farm


The soil farm is an experience farm where you can grow vegetables under the guidance of the farmer. All the farm tools, vegetable seeds, and tools needed to run the farm will be provided by them. It is an “agricultural school” that even beginners can enjoy and learn.

体験農園についてのお問い合わせ先 / Inquiry about experience farm of SHIKINOSATO
メール / Email: npo.sando@gmail.com


道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Parkはコンセプトがしっかりしており、建物やエリアが自然と共に共存していながらモダンさを感じる創りでとてもお洒落な道の駅だと言えます。四季の里公園の立地も緑多い和歌山の自然に包まれており四季折々違った顔を見せてくれます。まだ足を運んだことのない方は是非立ち寄ってみてください。

Road Station Shikinosato Park- Food Hunter Park has a solid concept, and it can be said that it is a very fashionable road station with a modern feel while buildings and areas coexist with nature. The location of Shikinosato Park is also surrounded by the nature of Wakayama, which has a lot of greenery, and it shows a different face from season to season. If you haven’t visited yet, please stop by.

本日現在まだ四季の里公園はリノベーションを行っています。すでに道の駅 四季の里公園 Food Hunter Parkエリアは完成していますが、そのほかの昔から子供たちが楽しく利用していた遊具エリアも一部リノベーションされています。今後全てのエリアのリノベーションが終わり、更にレベルアップした四季の里公園が誕生するのが楽しみです。

As of today, the renovation is still going. Road Station Shikinosato Park Food Hunter Park was completed but the other areas where kids were used to play with long sliders and so on which located on the top of Park are still under renovation. Can’t wait to see whole areas of Shikinosato Park are done!

まだ使用可能な子供の遊具 / playground
リノベーションエリア / Renovation Area

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