冬はやっぱり体温まる鍋が良い しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜で寒い冬を乗り切ろう ( Increase Immunity System by eating Hot Pot At ShabuShabu Onyasai)

冬はやっぱり体温まる鍋が良い しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜で寒い冬を乗り切ろう ( Increase Immunity System by eating Hot Pot At ShabuShabu Onyasai)


Do you want to eat a hot pot that warms your body in winter? Why don’t you try Shabu-Shabu Onyasai Restaurant where you can eat the delicious meat carefully selected, domestic vegetables and other side menu as much as you want?

(温野菜コース注文方法などの関連記事はこちら / Related Article of Onyasai-how to pick the menu etc)
20周年を迎えた温野菜でしゃぶしゃぶを楽しもう (Shabu-Shabu On-Yasai-20th anniversary )

Introducing what I ordered this time

Step 1 : どのお肉の食べ放題コースにするか選ぶ
Pick which meat course of Eat All You Can

pork loin


I picked up Andes plateau Pig Course with Sushi. so I can pick 6 kinds of meats will be eat all you can.

Pork Ribs

minced chicken in Bamboo Tube, Basil flavor , Plum flavor

Step 2 : お鍋のスープを選ぶ
Pick of soup for your hot pot

Sichuan Chili Bean Soup & Sukiyaki shabu soup

Soy Milk Soup & Japanese Beef Soup


You can choose two soup stocks in one pot, so choose your favorite soup stock. There are various soup stocks, so it’s good to try different ones each time you go. This time I made a reservation for 7 people including children, so I ordered 2 pots-4 soup stocks.

Step 3 : お肉、お野菜、おつまみ、お鍋のお楽しみなどお好きなものを好きなだけ頼む
Order meats from your picked course and vegetables, Appetizers, Side menu


You can order as much as you can eat. Of course, the vegetables are domestically produced in Japan, so I recommend all of them. This time I would like to introduce the Side Dishes which I usually order.

Recommended Side Menu


You can order as many appetizers and side menus as you like, but it is recommended that you eat the main pot.

Spicy minced Tuna


Served with vegetables for eating with Spicy Minced Tuna wrapped inside. Fresh vegetables and Spicy Minced Tuna go very well together and I just order them many times. It is a side menu that becomes addicted.

Quail eggs


The photo is 2 orders combined into one plate, so it’s really a little for 1 order. If you like quail eggs, you can ask 2 or 3 orders at one time.

Chilled Jelly Sliced Jinger & Tomato


It’s good as an appetizer, or it is recommended to eat it for your stomach break. I think it’s a good idea to refresh your mouth and return to the meat.

Guts Ponzu


Gatsu (pork stomach) with ponzu sauce. Gatsu is low in fat and high in protein, which makes the texture even more addictive. Why don’t you try it once?

(Limited branches) Osushi


Although it is limited branches, you can choose your favorite sushi at shabushabu restaurant. I personally recommend roasted salmon, eggs, and ark shell clam.



There are more than 60 items such as free refills of meat and vegetables, appetizers, side menus, noodles and rice. Basically, we use carefully selected domestic vegetables, so all the side menus using vegetables are delicious. In addition to the side menus I introduced, there should be items that suit you, so why not find your favorite? Let’s survive the cold winter with Onyasai shabu-shabu hot pot!

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