串家物語でいちご狩り( Kushiya Monogatari- Let’s enjoy unlimited deep fried skewers-kushiage-Strawberry Fair )

串家物語でいちご狩り( Kushiya Monogatari- Let’s enjoy unlimited deep fried skewers-kushiage-Strawberry Fair )

揚げる楽しさ、選ぶわがままを提供してくれる串揚げ食べ放題の串家物語で人気の “ストロベリーフェア” が開催されています。旬の苺を串家物語で楽しみませんか?

The popular “Strawberry Fair” is being held at the Kushiya Monogatari, an all-you-can-eat Kushiage that offers the joy of frying and the selfishness of choice. Why don’t you enjoy seasonal strawberries in Kushiya Monogatari?

( 串家物語の基本情報は下記でご覧いただけます / You may visit below Blog for basic info of Kushiya Monogatari )
串家物語であつあつの串揚げを楽しもう ( Kushiya Monogatari- Let’s enjoy unlimited deep fried skewers-kushiage )

Strawberry Fair


Speaking of Kushiya Monogatari desserts, the first thing you see is the chocolate fountain, but during this strawberry fair, the chocolate fountain also transforms into a strawberry. If you go to Kushiya Monogatari when strawberries are in season, let’s enjoy seasonal strawberries with Kushiage!

Frozen Strawberry


Strawberries have a slightly sour taste, so it may be just right to dip them in fresh cream or strawberry chocolate.

Strawberry Short Cake


Strawberry shortcake sandwiched with strawberry sauce with pulp and rich cream with a moist sponge is topped with frozen strawberries, and you can enjoy sweetness and sourness at the same time.

Rare Strawberry Cake

The moist strawberry cheesecake is smooth and fluffy.

Strawberry Rolled Cake


The cute roll cake with pink and white cream and dough is not too sweet, and it is a sweet with a gentle taste that you can feel the sourness of strawberries.

Chocolate and Strawberry Cake


A combination of chocolate and strawberries. It is a delicious chocolate cake that matches the taste of rich chocolate and strawberries.

Chocolate and Strawberry Chocolate Fountain


You can dip whatever you like, but mini donuts, marshmallows, mini cream puffs and more are available.

Strawberry flavor Jelly or Mousse


As it was a strawberry fair, there were also strawberry-flavored jellies and mousses. After enjoying your favorite Kushiage, let’s enjoy spring with plenty of strawberry dessert!

Don’t forget to enjoy your unlimited Kushiage!


It’s a pleasure unique to Kushiya Monogatari that you can fry various ingredients with your friends and family and enjoy the hot kushiage. What kind of kushiage do you like? I like shrimp, bacon, oysters, cheese, shiitake mushrooms, etc., but you can also try all of them, so please try to find your favorite ingredients.

海老とベーコンはマストトライ / Must try Shrimp and Bacon
可愛いたい焼きはいかがですか? How about trying Taiyaki?
牛肉や豚肉、鶏肉もあります / Beef, Pork, Chicken etc….
カキも美味しかったです / Oyster was yummy
It is a deep-fried skewer that you can enjoy delicious vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms, and pumpkin.
Whatever you want, pick them and fry them!
Eat them up while it’s hot!
Pick your favorite sauce, dip and eat!


You can eat anything in Kushiya Monogatari. Not only fried skewers, but also curry and onion soup, ochazuke and salad are all-you-can-eat on the side menu. I’m happy that I can eat as much as I like.

お茶漬け / Ochatsuke (Topping for Rice)

オニオンスープ / カレー
Onion Soup / Curry

カレー / Curry
オニオンスープ / Onion Soup



Not only you can enjoy deep-fried skewers at Kushiya Monogatari, but you can also enjoy a lot of sweets made with strawberries at the Strawberry Fair for a limited time. Why don’t you enjoy seasonal strawberry dessert after eating delicious deep-fried skewers?

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