串家物語であつあつの串揚げを楽しもう ( Kushiya Monogatari- Let’s enjoy unlimited deep fried skewers-kushiage )

串家物語であつあつの串揚げを楽しもう ( Kushiya Monogatari- Let’s enjoy unlimited deep fried skewers-kushiage )


Why don’t you enjoy the fun of frying and eating Kushiage ( Deep Fried Skewers )in the Kushiya Monogatari where you can eat as much as you like in any combination you like?

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串家物語 イオンモール 和歌山 基本情報
Kushiya Monogatari Aeon Mall Wakayama Basic Info

住所 / ADD : 〒640-8451 和歌山県和歌山市中580-3 イオンモール和歌山1F
Aeon Mall 1F, 580-3 Naka, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
電話 / Tel : 073‐452‐1777
ラストオーダー / Last Order : 21:30 (22:00 close)
ウェブサイト / Website : http://www.kushi-ya.com/

串家物語 とは?
What’s Kushiya Monogatari ?


Kushiya Monogatari is an all-you-can-eat Kushiage chain store that operates nationwide. Although the number is still small, they are expanding overseas. It is a system that customers choose as much as they like and eat it by using carefully selected ingredients to provide “the fun of frying. The joy of selfishness to choose”. Not only Kushiage (deep fried skewers), but also salads, side dishes, ochazuke, cakes and fruits are included in the all-you-can-eat menu.

What’s Kushiage ?


Kushiage (kushikatsu) is a Japanese dish in which meat and vegetables are put on skewers, coated mixed-flour+bread crumb and fried in oil. The ingredients, cooking methods, and names used for deep-fried skewers differ from place to place in Japan. It is thought to be a specialty of Osaka, but there is also a view that foods with similar recipes have been eaten in downtown Tokyo since the end of the Meiji era.

※Kushiage (Kushikatsu) means DEEP FRIED SKEWERS.

Commitments of Kushiya Monogatari


The reason why Kushiya Monogatari is loved by many people is hidden in delicious Kushiage. Let’s take a look at the commitment of the Kushiya story.

Commitment for Neriko and bread crumbs of Kushiage

Right Side (white one) : Neriko
Left Side (brown one) : Bread Crumb


The Neriko is an original blend of carefully selected ingredients, and bread crumbs are made from carefully selected ingredients and then finely divided into like fine sand so that do not easily contain oil. Those are the tips for you can enjoy crispy outside and juicy deep-fried skewers inside. All you have to do is sprinkle a thin layer on the ingredients and fry them!

※Neriko is flour blended with other ingredients : we dip meat/ vegetables / seafood, etc in Neriko and bread crumbs before we fry them.

Commitment for Original Sauce of Kushiya Monogatari


All sauces are original from the homemade Kushiya Monogatari. For the orthodox Kushiage, we recommend the sweet and spicy sauce, which is a secret characteristic of Kushiya, using abundant ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, and apples. There are Ponzu and Plum Sauce for the refreshing taste. There are also seasonal sauces, so let’s try various sauce with Kushiage.

Commitment for limited time( Seasonal ) menu

Limited Time Offer : Grape Juice (left)  Pomegranate Vinegar (right)


In Kushiya Monogatari, in addition to popular ingredients for all seasons, there are special menus for a limited time (seasonal menu) and for a limited time. Check the website before you visit the restaurant.

When I visited, they have Cheese Fair

How to eat ?


When you go to the restaurant for the first time, you don’t understand the system. Kushiya Monogatari has a drink bar for an additional fee, but everything else is included in the lunch / dinner all-you-can-eat price, so you can eat anything. Here, I would like to introduce a simple method of kushiage in Kushiya Monogatari for those who eat kushiage in Japan for the first time.

Step 1 : お好きな串揚げをピックアップしましょう
Pick up your favorite ingredients of deep fried skewers


First of all, let’s get the ingredients you want to fry and eat. You can get up to 5 skewers at a time for each type. There are about 30 kinds of skewered ingredients such as pork, beef, chicken, sausage, shrimp and vegetables, so please try various things.

Step 2 : ねり粉とぱん粉そして串揚げのソースもピックアップしましょう
Pick up original Neriko , Bread Crumb and Sauces


There are plates beside of Neriko & Bread Crumb. Tips for your easy frying, you may use more bigger plate for putting them. In the rice area, there are bigger plates for curry, how about use it for putting Neriko & Bread Crumb?

個人的に好きなのはこの4つです。期間限定のクリーミーナッツソース(左上) / チーズソース (右上) / ポン酢ソース (左下) / 甘口ソース (右下)

I personally like these four. Limited time-Creamy Nut Sauce (upper left) / Cheese Sauce (upper right) / Ponzu Sauce (lower left) / Sweet Sauce (lower right) . Many original sauces are available, so please find your own taste.

How to fry kushiage ?


Let’s fry Kushiage !

After picking up your favorite ingredients skewers…

First you dip ingredients into Neriko
Next is bread crumbs

Wait for it’s done!

Let’s wait for a while and if it’s deep fried, put the sauce and eat it while it’s still hot

Step 3 : パスタやごはん、サイドメニュー、デザート好きなものを好きなだけ食べましょう
Pick up your favorite Pasta / Ochazuke / Side Menu / Dessert

There is Soup and Curry
Ingredients for Ochazuke
There are also chocolate fondue, cakes and fruits



You can choose your favorite from about 30 kinds of ingredients of kushiage. It is a buffet-style kushiage restaurant where you can enjoy meals from children to the elderly as you can choose from many kinds of side dishes and desserts other than kushiage. I think foreigners can enjoy the series of steps of choosing various ingredients on skewers, putting on original flour, and fried and eating. If you come to Japan, why not enjoy not only sushi and tempura but also kushiage ?

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