和歌山の恐竜公園に行こう!Let’s go Dinosaur Park!

和歌山の恐竜公園に行こう!Let’s go Dinosaur Park!

Suddenly Dinosaur appears


No need to worry about kids screaming voice or running around or biking everywhere in this Dinosaur Park. Not only kids but also couples or seniors can enjoy hiking in the untouched Nature with different views of four seasons of Japan. If you want to have just a relax time in Nature, how about visit Forest Park of Wakayama?

Wakayama City Forest Park (Dinosaur Park) Basic Info

住所/ ADD : 〒640-0102 和歌山県和歌山市深山600-1
600-1 Miyama, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture 640-0102
電話 / Tel : 073-435-1049
ウェブサイト / Website : http://www.city.wakayama.wakayama.jp/menu_1/shisetu/shisetu/03/3.html
駐車場/ Parking あり 無料 Free of Charge

What’s Wakayama City Forest Park?



また、和歌山の加太は和歌山市の郊外にあり、大阪湾に建設された人工島の関西空港1期島の埋め立てに使われた土が加太の山地から運ばれたことでも有名です。この森林公園ではボランティアで森づくりボランティアを行っていたり、アジサイの植林をおこなったりしています。 春には桜がそして6月中旬にはアジサイが楽しめ、大自然の中にある公園なので四季折々の変わりゆく自然の姿をみながら遊んだり散策することができます

In the Forest Park, there are squares for kids with kid’s favorite objects, like big dinosaurs and animals, and also hiking course and Walking path in Nature.

Kada in Wakayama is also famous for the soil used to reclaim the first island of Kansai Airport, which is an artificial island built in Osaka Bay.

In this forest park, there are events of volunteers to create forests and plant hydrangeas, etc.
You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and hydrangea in mid-June, and since it is a park in the middle of nature, you can play or hiking while watching the changing nature of the seasons.

Forest Park aims to be Hydrangea Park
Only one hydrangea was in bloom out of season
There are seats and tables in the park

Things to bring


It’s hard to imagine what you should bring there, so I just list up the items you better bring when you visit Forest Park in Wakayama.

Insect repellent spray


The forest park is located in the mountains and has untouched nature. There are various insects such as mosquitoes and caterpillars, so an insect repellent spray is necessary.

Wet Tissues


The restroom is not a flush toilet yet, and tap water does not come out, so you wash your hands with the water stored in the tank. That’s why I recommend to bring wet tissues with you to remove dirt.

Drinks and Snacks


I recommend that you bring tea or other drinks into the water bottle.
Drinks vending machines are not located in the park , so it’s best to bring your own drinks. In addition, if you are staying for a long time, it is good to bring snacks and lunch boxes. Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag to put your garbage in.

Items for playing


There are enough space for kids to play so that better bring some items for playing. I brought kid’s bicycle, badminton, bamboo dragonfly, bad and ball. We could enjoy all of them. Others bring Frisbee, insect catching net and insect catching basket.

Changing Clothes


The park is in the forest. If it rains, your feet will be muddy. Children may fall down, so please bring a change of clothes.





Wakayama Forest Park ( Dinosaur Park ) is outskirts of Wakayam City, and we drove up to the mountain. In the forest of mountain, you will find big dinosaurs and animals. It’s like real Jurassic World….Kids were super excited to see it. In the city, it’s difficult to find the places where we can let kids play baseball or soccer or bicycle, etc but in the forest park no worry, they can play it.

After playing at Forest Park, we stopped by kyukamura Kishu Kada to see the superb view of the Kitan Strait. From the observatory of kyukamura Kishu Kada, You can enjoy the view of Awaji Island, Jino Island, Okino Island and if it’s very clear sky, you can see also Tokushima. When you visit Wakayama Forest Park, how about check the wonderful views of Kitan Strait???

Can enjoy beautiful view from Kyukamura Kishu Kada
Photo Spot

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