白浜エネルギーランドで新しい発見をしよう ! ( Let’s go Shirahama Energy Land ! )

白浜エネルギーランドで新しい発見をしよう ! ( Let’s go Shirahama Energy Land ! )


Shirahama Energy Land, one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Shirahama, is an experience-based theme park where you can learn about energy in a fun and interesting way. It’s right across from the beautiful Shirarahama beach, so why not visit it when you visit the beautiful Shirarahama beach?

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白浜 エネルギーランド 基本情報
Shirahama Energy Land Basic Info

Energy Land Entrance

住所/ ADD : 〒649-2211 和歌山県西牟婁郡白浜町3083(白良浜前)
3083 Shirahama Cho, Nishimuro Gun , Wakayama Prefecture 649-2211
電話 / Tel : 0739-43-2666
ウェブサイト / Website : https://www.energyland.jp/
開園時間/ Operation Hours : ウェブサイトで要確認 Need to check at Website
お休み / Closure : Need to check at Website
※ Operation hours and Closure is changing depend on the date, please visit website before visiting Shirahama Energy Land
駐車場/ Parking : あり 無料 Free of Charge

白浜 エネルギーランド とは?
What’s Shirahama Energy Land ?


Shirahama Energy Land started in 1981 when Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., opened a science museum-type theme park where you can learn about energy while playing to promote tourism in Wakayama Prefecture, where he is from.


Energy Land is in a good location right next to Shirarahama Beach, which is a white sand beach, and there is an area in the park where you can enjoy a footbath while looking at Shirarahama Beach.

Admission Fee


Admission fee includes usage of attractions in all other areas except The Maze.

大人(高校生以上) おひとり様 ¥2,000‐
Adult ( Hight School Students and Above)
シニア(60歳以上) おひとり様 ¥1,800-
Senior (Over 60yrs old)
小中学生     おひとり様 ¥1,400-
Elementary & Junior Hight
幼児(3歳以上)   おひとり様 ¥600-
Toddler(Above 3 yrs old)
障害者割引    基本料金の半額
Person with disable 50% Discount from basic rate



Shirahama Energy Land is divided into three areas. You can experience completely different things in each area, and there are many attractions that adults and children can enjoy.

Surprise Picture


This is an area where you can learn about natural energy, experience a simulator that allows you to travel back in time to the dinosaur era, and experience powerful 3D images.

Solar Town


You can learn about energy in an easy-to-understand manner while having fun with images and dioramas. It gives us an opportunity to think about local production for local consumption of energy.


映像ホール “シティーパラディソ”
TheaterCity Paradiso

3DCG animation depicting the friendship between a girl and a robot

ジュラッシックツアー 絶滅の日に還れ
Jurassic Tour

A thrilling walk-through and experience theater-type attraction

SUPER 3D 360 エネゴンシアター
Super 3D 360 Enegon Theater

Enter an unexperienced world with a 360-degree 3D screen


There are two screenings, each of which allows you to enjoy powerful images that are different from sea creatures and dinosaurs. Please check the screening time on the day.


To the underwater journey around Poseidon

Dinosaur Adventure


Experience dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus up close in a world inspired by the dinosaur era!

Wonder Of The Forest


It is an area full of wonders, with zones where you can experience not only hearing and sight but also using your entire body.

Forest of Sounds


“Sound” is recognized as sound when a sounding object vibrates the air and the vibration vibrates the eardrum. What kind of thing conveys the vibration of sound in ” Forest Of Sounds” ? It is an area where you can learn through experience.

Energetic Forest


In the natural forest, there is an outdoor health attraction (athletic zone) that is divided into a physical fitness measurement zone and a physical fitness age check zone.

アスレチックゾーン / athletic zone
アスレチックゾーン / athletic zone
Physical fitness test table
physical fitness measurement zone
physical fitness measurement zone

Trick Art House

This is an interesting zone that uses visual tricks. It is full of photo spots.

It looks like she is sitting on the chair
It’s fun to take pictures with kids at trick art house

Labyrinth Experience

ミステリーゾーンや迷路で体を動かした後は、 源泉かけ流しの足湯でリラックスできるエリアです。

After exercising in the mystery zone or maze, you can relax in the footbath that flows directly from the source.

Mystery Zone

A zone where you can experience a mysterious experience that has lost your sense of balance.


The “Mystery Zone”, which was built on the slopes of the hills of Energy Land, is designed to allow you to enjoy the mysterious world by skillfully utilizing the gravitational energy of the earth and various human senses.

I couldn’t go through easily
It’s so hard to climb the chairs
Why it is happening?

Reflexology / Footbath


You can enjoy a 100% natural hot spring flowing footbath directly drawn from the source on the Shirahama Energy Land site.

Da 迷宮 エネルギー博士からのSOS
The Maze-SOS from Dr. Energy-

こちらのアトラクションは別途料金が発生します。おひとり様 ¥300

Introducing a huge maze inspired by Dr. Energy’s laboratory. Enjoy the hands-on maze. 
※this area need additional entrance fee ¥300 per pax

Parallel World


Enjoy the extrasensory world where you can experience the illusion of distance, balance, color, and fear in 6 rooms!

It’s really (feeling ) long long long aisle….
I feel no one can go up without using handrail
The drawing is changing….



Since I visited for the first time, it was difficult to actually enter the building and move to the destination even if I looked at the area map. I went to see 3D, which can be enjoyed with 360-degree images, many times. And the mystery zone is fun and kids want to go many times, but enjoy it to the extent that you don’t lose your sense of balance and feel sick. My kid was crying for the work depicting the friendship between the robot and the girl in the surprise screen area.And the Jurassic Tour was scary for my kid. Adults can spend time looking at the beautiful beach of Shirahama while slowly taking a footbath while letting their children play, so why not stop by Energy Land when you visit Shirahama?

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