和歌山市民図書館 ( Wakayama Civic Library )

和歌山市民図書館 ( Wakayama Civic Library )

2020年6月5日にまちの居場所としてオープンした複合施設キーノ和歌山に和歌山市民図書館があります。まちと人をつなぐ図書館としての役割を担っており、更にCCC(カルチュア コンビニエンス クラブ)が管理を行う関西初の図書館としても注目されています。

Ki-No Wakayama Opened on June 5, 2020 as a complex facility and There is “Wakayama Civic Library” at part of Ki-No Wakayama.
“Wakayama Civic Library” takes part of being connection people and City, and It’s also attracting attention as the first library in Kansai managed by CCC (Culture Convenience Club).

Wakayama Civic Library Basic Info

Add : 〒640-8202 和歌山市屏風丁17番地
17 Byoubucho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture 640-8202 Japan
Tel : 073-432-0010
Operation : 09:00~21:00
年中無休 Open all year round
Website : https://wakayama.civic-library.jp/
https://wakayama.civic-library.jp/english_guide (English)
南海電鉄の”和歌山市駅” 改札を出て左手側すぐにあります。
Wakayama Electric Railway Co., Ltd “Wakayama City Station” Exit left side

駐車場1時間無料 24時間 
Car Parking 1 hour Free (24hours Open) 
自転車2時間無料 05:00~01:00  
Bicycle Parking 2 hours Free (05:00~01:00 Open)
※There are times fully occupied parking space, so that I recommend to visit the library by public transportation.

Check the Events


They have several kinds of events on different day, so if you are interested in their events, better check what event is held now at their homepage.

Limited Days Event “Let’s ride on Mini-Train”


The event for the kid was held at the library’s roof terrace. They have that event 3 times a day for the children below 12 years old. we needed to get the numbered ticket before 30 mins of the event time. Max participant was 40 pax. Those detail were mentioned at their website, so don’t worry, you can get information of your interested event ahead.

Old Tale and Nursery Rhyme


There was another event at Wakayama Civic Library on the same day, so we could join to the event of Old Tale and Nursery Rhyme. A little bit Japanese old tale was difficult for my children but Nursery Rhyme which sing and move the fingers was so fun for them.




The #1 purpose to visit Wakayama Civic Library was to join event for my son and 2nd purpose is to look for me and my daughter’s interested books.
We can check whether Wakayama Civic Library has the books we are looking for or not at their HP.

Let’s try looking for the books through HP!


Visit Wakayama Civic Library HP


Put the key word of the books


Simply click on the target material of the book you are looking for, enter a keyword and press the search button to search. If you can’t find your searching book, try it again with other keyword!
I just click Book as target material and put the key word ” Entotsu Machi” and push search button.


Wait for a while and the result of search will come out on the screen. If there is your searched book on the list, just click it. The detail of the book will be indicated.



I could find my target book at 2nd listed one. I just click it then detail of book came out.



Even we lived in Cebu, I knew Mr Akihiro Nishino’s children’s book, “Poupelle of Chimney Town” through internet news. I wanted to read it with my kids so I searched and could find it!!!! The book is written in Japanese and also in English, so that my kids could enjoy it.

Recommended Points

Free Wi-Fi


It’s very convenient there are the spaces to take a seat and relax for a while with Free Wi-Fi and charging station (2nd and 3rd floor). You can access their Free Wi-Fi 6 times a day but each session is max 120 mins. Wifi Name is “WAKAYAMA-CIVIC-LIBRARY_Wi-Fi” then password is in the library.

X-copy Service

3F Counter


You can relax and search for next destination during your travel.What’s a nice place the library is! If you need x-copy, they have x-copy service also…..

Can visit with small baby

Mountain of Children’s Book


There are several services for the guests with a baby, like Renting a baby strollers, Being provided a room for baby where mother can give breast feed , bed for changing the diaper, Water heater for milk preparation and baby scale. At the 4th floor ” Space for Reading” sometime they hold the events for kids. There are eating space, playing space and rent a toy which develops kid’s brain. As a parent, we are glad to have a place where we can take our kids without worries.

Eating space
Kids play space
Borrow the toy which helps to develop brain for free

Wakayama Civic Library is in Complex facility “Ki:No Wakayama”

Ki-No Wakayama


Complex facility “Ki:No Wakayama” has hotel/ restaurants/ grocery store/ Civic Library/ office space, etc. It aims for being the symbol of the entrance to Wakayama, As a flag of activation that illuminates the surrounding area, a key to open the door to new world (=key to meet new people and start new day). Wakayama Civic Library became a part of our daily life. There are spaces we can eat and drink in the library, so why don’t you stop by and grab food or drink from other facility?



Wakayama Civic Library is full of surprises. Many parts of the building are glazed, so you can feel the warmth of natural light. The study room is also glass-walled. You can study while overlooking the scenery of Wakayama. Each floor has a totally different atmosphere, and I would like you to experience the difference. There is plenty of reading space on every floor, so that you can definitely immerse yourself in reading in a relaxed space. Please stop by Wakayama Civic Library when you come to Wakayama.

1st floor Starbucks Coffee and Tsutaya Book Store
2nd floor Magazine, Sport, Hobby, Music, CDs, etc
2nd floor Magazine Space
3rd floor Room of Immigration materials
3rd floor Study Room
4th floor Mountain of Children’s Book
Cave of children’s book
Stairs with Books (4th floor to roof top)
Roof Terrace

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