高知県立のいち動物公園に行こう (Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture)

高知県立のいち動物公園に行こう (Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture)

高知県立のいち動物公園基本情報 (Basic Info of Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture)

Add: 〒781-5233  高知県香南市野市町大谷738
738 Otani, Noichi-cho, Konan-shi, Kochi
781-5233 Japan
Tel: 0887-56-3500
Email: noichizoo@k9.dion.ne.jp
ウェブサイト: http://www.noichizoo.or.jp/
Website(Eng): http://www.noichizoo.or.jp/language/eng-index.htm

エリア案内 (Areas)


There are several areas which are made with natural plants or rocks to display different kinds of animals in huge park filled with nature. Noichi Zoological Park aims to make the place ” Where both people and animals have a good time “. The zoo is divided into several zones and more than 1200 animals from about 110 species live.

温帯の森 (Temperate Forest)


Area of Waterfowl, California sea lion, American beaver, Lesser panda, River otter.


熱帯の森 (Tropical Forest)


Area of Chimpanzee, Flamingo, Ring-tailed lemur, White-handed gibbon, Barn owl, Fruit bat, Kinkajou.

Entrance to Nocturnal Animals

サバンナゾーン/アフリカ・オーストラリア (Savanna Zone/Africa and Australia)


Area of Spotted hyena, White-bellied bustard, Reticulated giraffe, Grant’s zebra, Mandrill, Meerkat, Shoebill stork, Eastern grey kangaroo, Red-necked wallaby, Emu and Cape Barren goose

Shoebill stork

ジャングルミュージアム (Jungle Museum)


Area of Southern tamandua, Two-toed sloth, South American coati, Capybara, Spectacled caiman, Clouded leopard, Binturong, Tokay gecko, Malayan Sun bear, Red python, Toco toucan

Two-toed sloth
Nail of Two-toed sloth
Malayan Sun bear
Gift shop

子供動物園 (Children’s Zoo)


Area of Burrowing owl, Pony & Noma horse, Guinea pig, Prairie dog, Penguin, Japanese squirrel


動物科学館 (Animal Science Museum)

園内の案内所および、売店 ” のいちご ”、レストラン ” ラクーン ”に併設されている動物科学館では身体を使って動物のことを楽しく学ぶことができます。小さな図書館もあるので空調の効いている屋内でゆっくりしたい人にもおすすめです。

Animal Science Museum is in same building with information center, Gift Shop “Noichigo” and Restaurant ” Racoon”.
At Animal Science Museum, you can learn about the animals with using your bodies, run, jump, push, think, etc. And also there is mini-library with air-condition. Kids and parents can relax together here.

ソーラーバイオシェル (Solar Bioshell)


Guests who visit Noichi Zoo with own cars can use the parking area for free. If you see the parking area, you can see the building looks like roof, but it’s not roof for cars, it’s Solar Bioshell which can directly convert solar energy into electricity without using limited terrestrial resources and without emitting harmful substances to the environment. Noichi zoo is considering energy problem.

のいち動物公園おすすめポイント (Why must visit Noichi Zoological Park?)

”人も動物もいきいきと”のテーマで作られたアフリカのサバンナを体感しよう (Have a experience of Savanna zone based on the theme ” where both people and animals have a good time ” )


As much as possible Noichi zoo eliminated cages and fences, and recreate the animals natural habitats with plants and rocks, etc. Once you step into Savanna zone, you can observe Reticulated giraffes and Grant’s zebras are elegantly walking right in front of you. There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the animals that live gracefully in a position you can reach.

絶滅危惧種のハシビロコウに会いに行こう ( Let’s meet rare bird, Shoebill Stork! )


Shoebill stork is famous as a big bird (the high is 110cm~140cm) who doesn’t fly. There are only 8 zoos you can meet Shoebill stork in Japan including Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture. It is said that the total number of shoebills raised in zoos around the world is 40 to 50. And if we think that 15 of them are raised in Japanese zoo means Japanese love to meet them, am I right? That was true that she would not move a lot…because we couldn’t have a chance to take nice picture of her!( not coming near to us.)

ピクニック広場でのんびり過ごそう (Just relax at Picnic Area)

Wonder Safari


Inside the zoo, there is picnic area with playground ” Wonder Safari “, ” Fluffy Dome “, etc. Kids can enjoy not only watching animals but also playing on the grass. You can’t imagine from the picture how much fun to jump on Fluffy Dome….Luckily I could enjoy it with my kids!

Fluffy Dome

動物科学館で体を使いながら動物について学ぼう (Let’s study animals while using your body at Animal Science Museum)


People say that to learn with fun is important. I totally agree with it. You and your kids can learn about animals while using your body here. Kids can’t stop playing here easily. Good thing for parents is there are seats to wait for your kids finish playing here.

こどもたちのための動物公園に行こう ( Let’s visit Noichi Zoological Park for kids! )


The entry fee of Zoo is ¥470 for adults per pax but below 18 years old, it’s free! Parking lot is also free! As of now unfortunately due to Covid 19 Pandemic, we are not able to enjoy with guinea pigs or animal feeding times or some of other activities. However without those activities, we can still see animals with natural habitats with plants, rocks, ponds, etc makes us satisfy with it.



Noichi Zoological Park of Kochi Prefecture was chosen as #1 Zoo in Japan by travel lovers ( researched by trip adviser ) in 2020. Compare to other famous zoo in big cities, less animals but Noichi could create the environment where animal should live more than others. How about having a experience like we visite the places where animals live in real?

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