北海道土産といえば白い恋人 ( Shiroi Koibito-Famous Souvenir of Hokkaido )

北海道土産といえば白い恋人 ( Shiroi Koibito-Famous Souvenir of Hokkaido )


Shiroi Koibito, a famous Hokkaido confectionery, will be one of the top souvenirs that children will be delighted with when brought from Japan. It has long been famous as a representative of Hokkaido souvenirs since it was first sold in 1976. If you haven’t tried it yet, why not give it a try?

What’s Shiroi Koibito?


Ishiya Co., Ltd., a confectionery maker in Sapporo, Hokkaido, launched a Western confectionery with chocolate sandwiched between Lang de Cha, which was launched in December 1976. Currently, there are white chocolate (Shiroi Koibito White) and milk chocolate (Shiroi Koibito Black) that are sandwiched between the Lang de Cha.

What’s langue de chat ?


Lang de Cha is one of the traditional French confectionery and is called the cat’s tongue because of its rough texture and oval shape. It is a Western confectionery that is baked in an oven in a thin, elongated oval shape by adding the same amount of sugar, and flour as softened butter at room temperature and stirring egg whites. In Japan, we sell this modified form, with Shiroi Koibito as a square and Yoku Moku as a cigar cookie wrapped around.

What is the origin of Shiroi Koibito’s name?


The origin of Shiroi Koibito’s name is hidden in the product box. The origin of the name of Shiroi Koibito was that snow was gently spilling over the busy city of December. A fateful word that the founder casually said on the way home from enjoying skiing, “Shiroi Koibito has been falling.” It’s wonderful that this word is used as it is in the name of their product and continues to be loved by many people.

白い恋人を食べてみよう !
Let’s try Shiroi Koibito !

白い恋人ホワイト ( Shiroi Koibito White ) 1枚 piece : 57 kcal


There are 2 products: Shiroikoibito White and Black, how about trying the gift box of mixed of them together?


Langue de Cha is a light cookie with a slightly rough surface that has a beautiful roasted color around the white cookie. White chocolate blended for Shiroi Koibito is sandwiched between beautiful cookies.


White chocolate, which is blended to fit perfectly when eaten with cookies, melts in the mouth and is a perfect match, and once you start eating it will not stop.


White chocolate that is neatly and evenly contained in a thin cookie. Shiroi Koibito Black has milk chocolate sandwiched between them, and milk chocolate is also very smooth and recommended. Please try two flavors.



You can see why “Shiroi Koibito”, a famous Hokkaido souvenir that many people have once tried, has been loved for a long time. There is no doubt that it will be appreciated by foreigners as a souvenir of Japan. Shiroi Koibito, who was previously only available in Hokkaido, can now order online. You can enjoy it at home with your family and friends, and it will be a great gift. In addition to Shiroi Koibito, there are popular products from Ishiya Co., Ltd. such as “White Roll Cake” and “White Baumkuchen” , etc that are reminiscent of Hokkaido, so why not try them out?

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