銀座に志かわの高級食パンをたべよう ( Try Ginza Nishikawa Luxury Bread )

銀座に志かわの高級食パンをたべよう ( Try Ginza Nishikawa Luxury Bread )


Ginza-Nishikawa’s Brand concept is ” Japanese-Modern ” . They would like to convey Japanese Traditions and Cultures through their Bread of ” Japanese – Modern ” . How about try their high quality Bread?

Basic Infor of Ginza Nishikawa

Operated by Ginza Nishikawa.
Add : 東京都中央区銀座1 丁目27-12 キャビネットビル6階
Cabinet Building 6th floor, 1-27-12 Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Web Site : https://www.ginza-nishikawa.co.jp/
You can check the shop branch detail at the website.

Ginza-Nishikawa commitments for making bread


Ginza-Nishikawa thinks that the main ingredient for making bread is water, and starts making it with the origin thought that “water is an important ingredient”.

Water for preparation


Ginza-Nishikawa is particular about the water used to prepare bread, and uses “alkaline ionized water” that draws out the extract of the ingredients and finishes it with a deep taste. The alkaline ionized water is not a natural one, but it is so thorough that it raises the Ph value and uses alkaline ionized water with various mineral balances added. You can feel that this commitment to water is exactly what water is considered to be one of the ingredients for bread.

Commitment for ingredients


In addition to their commitment to water, they also use the finest Canadian flour, honey, whipped cream, and butter as ingredients for making bread. And the mysterious sweetness generated by the fusion of each attracts people.

Commitment for detail (concept “Modern Japanese”)



With consideration of the guests who purchase their loaf of bread and bring it to the house, they provided the hand-held paper bag that looks like a Japanese restaurant so that you can easily take it home. In addition, we use a bread storage bag that does not retain the steam of hot bread, pay attention to details such as preventing the shape from getting out of shape with pole paper, and enjoy delicious freshly baked bread to their customers in the best condition.

For those who purchase high-quality bread as a souvenir, they collaborate with a shop specializing in towels (Tenugui) to devise and sell towels exclusively for bread. The design is based on Japanese taste, so you can enjoy both rich taste of bread and the cool Modern Japanese designed Tenugui of bread.

Let’ s have a bite!



1st day tried plane bread without putting anything on the bread.
So could enjoy the taste of bread natural sweetness and softness.

And from 2nd day I toasted the bread and put the butter on it.
the very simple toast tastes very rich and could spend luxury breakfast time with Ginza-Nishikawa Bread!


The great taste of a loaf of bread is that you can cut it to the desired thickness before eating it with your kitchen knife. It’s very luxury breakfast to have a thick sliced bread of high quality, Ginza-Nishikawa. One bite brings you sweetness and at the same time you feel softness of the bread. I’m sure Ginza-Nishikawa bread can match to either Japanese or Western toppings. No doubt it.



Ginza-Nishikawa’s loaf of bread let me think the possibility of the bread. I’ve never imagined the dinner with bread instead of rice. However their tasty bread brought me choices how to eat slice of bread. I felt that we can enjoy the various way to enjoy it with different toppings on it.
Next time I would like to try a Thick Sliced Toast topping with Ice Cream with kids. How about start the brand new day with luxury Ginza-Nishikawa’s slice of bread?

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