なんでもそろっちゃう100円ショップ お勧め100均アイテム を勝手に紹介します ( Recommended 100yen Shop Items)

なんでもそろっちゃう100円ショップ お勧め100均アイテム を勝手に紹介します  ( Recommended 100yen Shop Items)


Once you are in Japan, you must visit 1coin shop during your stay in Japan. They have so many items that you can’t decide what you should buy. Therefore I would like to introduce you my recommendation of their items! How about stop by 100yen shop look for souvenirs????

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What’s the 100yen shop (1coin shop)?


Basically we call the shops where they are selling 1 item by 100 yen ( without tax) 100yen shop. They mainly handle a wide range of products such as daily necessities, processed foods, pet products, party goods, etc., and the products handled by each store are different. The major 100-yen shops have many stores, and they are pervasive in Japanese life. Recently, some stores sell items with higher prices in addition to items of 100 yen (without tax), but in that case, the price sticker is put up so that you can see it. Please be careful before going to casher.

ダイソー店内 100円以外の料金の場合タグやシールに料金表示がされています
(Daiso Display) if the item is not 100yen, they usually put price tag or seal on the item

Top 3 major 100-yen shops


If you live in Japan, you may easily imagine it.
Let’s check top 3.



Daiso is a company that boasts the largest number of stores in the industry and is operated by Daiso Industries Co., Ltd. They have about 3,300 stores in Japan and about 2,000 stores overseas. Today, it has grown into a company with stores all over the world, but when it was founded in 1977, it had a mobile store in the parking lot of a supermarket and sold it. The founder, who heard that the one customer called 100 yen shop “money loss for buying cheap goods,” changed the purchasing style and focused on improving the quality even if the profits were becoming low. He changed the image of the 100yen shop. And as mobile sales become more busy, the labor force of employees will increase, so they shifted to the opening of permanent stores and increase the number of stores. Since 2001, they have been expanding overseas. With the times, customers’ image of 100-yen shops has changed, and now they have taken it for granted to sell cheap but good quality products. Daiso is the number one company in the industry that continues to take on challenges to meet customer expectations. The Name of the shop ” Daiso ” , it comes from the wish that they are going to create the company bigger, as the name implies, Daiso continues to make a leap forward.

Features of Daiso Products

Daiso has many kinds of Cosmetics and some of they are made in Japan


The number of stores is huge, and it handles a wide range of products such as household goods, cosmetics, groceries, and stationery, and it can be said that the product lineup is outstanding. In addition, new products are released frequently, with the cooperation of 1,400 manufacturers in 45 countries around the world.

Daiso shop usually big so they have enough space for seasonal items



そしてお店のコンセプトは”Color the days 日常を彩る” でお客様の日常を彩るコトやモノとの出会いをとことんまじめに追求することを約束しています。

Seria Co., Ltd is the second largest in the industry and has approximately 1,600 stores nationwide. Since its establishment in 1985, it still keeps the concept of a 100-yen shop and handles only 100-yen (without tax) products in the store, and even if other stores start handling products of 100 yen or more, Seria Keeps the price as is as a 100yen shop.

The name of the shop, “Seria,” means “serious” in Italian, and the company name shows serious commitment to creating valuable products that customers need. And the concept of the shop is “Color the days”, which promises to seriously pursue the items or things make your daily days colorful.

Features of Seria Products

セリア キャラクターグッズ
(Seria) Character Goods Area


They aim to develop products that are worth more than the price, and many of their products are made in Japan and are jointly developed with manufacturers. For private products, they are developing products that incorporate the opinions of their customers. It is also characterized by high quality, high design, and a large number of trendy DYI products.
Character goods such as Disney are widely deployed and are also popular with children.

セリア ハンドクラフト商品やDIY商品など数多く取り扱いしています
(Seria) We handle a lot of handcraft products and DIY products

キャン ★ドゥ
Can ★ Do


Can Do Co., Ltd founded in 1993, and it is the third largest in the industry, with approximately 1050 stores nationwide and expanding overseas. The slogan of CAN DO is “Discovery in everyday”, and they are working on the development of convenient, fun and profitable products for their customers from the desire to find small and happy discoveries in everyday life. In 2013, their image character a dog whose name is Hakken Wan Do, came out. Can Do use the social networks to promote their products and it creates the hit of their products.

キャン ★ ドゥ商品の特徴
Features of Can Do Products

11/12~のコラボ商品 Can★Do x コアラのマーチ
Collaboration with ” KOALA NO MARCH (Marching koalas) “


★mark is Can Do original product, and we can’t forget that they have their image character Dog, Hakken Wan Do and their Collaboration products.

Can★Do ジェム瓶など瓶やプラスティックケースなど可愛いデザインのものがあります
Can★Do has cute design jam bottles and plastic design cases

Recommended 1 Coin Items


If I give 100yen shop recommended products, there is no end to it. Therefore, I would like to add the conditions for the products that I recommend you. It is a product that seems to be a good souvenir when traveling abroad.

Condition for Recommended Items



Most of travelers have to put the souvenirs in their suit case and as you know, each airline has limit of the baggage. So At first, let’s imagine the condition for souvenir when you travel abroad!

Pick Not heavy items


All airlines set limits on the number and weight of carry-on and checked baggage. You have to buy things overseas with limited space and weight. It’s a shame that you’ve bought a lot and paid an overweight fee of baggages at the check-in counter. To prevent this from happening, it is important to pick light items.

Pick Small items


Since there is a limit to the amount of luggage you can take home, it is important that it is a small item that does not take up space, as in reason (1).

pick the items actual used


If you want to recommend it to others, you want to bring something that you should have used for yourself as a souvenir. It is important not only that it looks cute, but also that it is something that you actually want to use.

My Recommended 1 Coin Shop Items

(ダイソー) コスメ こんにゃくパフ
(Daiso) Cosmetic Konnyaku puff


Konnyaku (Konjac) is one of the Japanese ingredients, but its texture is unique. If you put a face-wash soap on the puff that feels like konnyaku (konjac), it will foam well and you can wash your face comfortably. It feels so good to touch your skin, I would like you to try it!

(Daiso) Compressed Facial Mask with capsule

Look, you just open capsule and put your face lotion then have relax time of face mask!


Individually wrapped compressed face mask. All you need to take anywhere is the lotion you use every day. An excellent product that you can enjoy a face mask as soon as you put lotion in the capsule. I like the fact that you can make a face mask with the lotion you usually use. Made in Japan lotion is also sold at Daiso, so you can buy them as a set of gifts.

ダイソー 日本製 化粧水+乳液
Daiso Made in Japan Lotion and Cream

(ダイソー) 味しおこしょう
(Daiso) Aji, Salt and Pepper


I think that Aji-Salt, Pepper is available at every 100-yen shop, but I like this one with black pepper powdered garlic. Since it is black pepper, it has strong spices and contains powdered garlic, which adds an accent to the dish, so it is used in many dishes. They also sell refills, so you can take it home as stock.

(セリア) 洗顔せっけん専用 泡立てネット
(Seria) Foaming net for face-wash soap


There are many kinds of foaming net but I haven’t seen the type we can put a soap inside of the net. This one we can put the soap inside net so just wash your face. This is so easy to make fine foam to wash face or even your boby…..I can’t live without this forming net anymore.

Put your soap inside the net

(セリア) ツナ缶スプーン
(Seria) Canned Tuna Spoon

セリア 日本製 つな缶スプーン
(Seria) Spoon for Tuna Can made in Japan


This items were on the TV show. A spoon that allows you to easily drain the oil from a tuna can and scoop out the tuna without leaving it in the can. You don’t have to drain the oil while your hands are sticky. And since the black spoon is a nylon spoon, it can also be used to mix a little stir fry. How about a souvenir for your mother ?

You can drain the oil well and scoop out the tuna without leaving it in the can

(セリア) ねこのたつしゃもじ
(Seria) Cat Shaped Rice Paddle


Have you ever been in trouble with a place to rice paddle ? Not only is this rice paddle cute, but it can also be set up while not in use. Moreover, it is embossed so that the rice does not stick easily. Isn’t it a good product for each family?

(セリア) 子供の文房具 6B/4B えんぴつ
(Seria) Children stationery 6B/4B Pencil


I think 100 yen shops Children stationery is quite good quality. I buy Children stationery at Daiso, Seria and Can★Do. But if I am speaking about the pencil, definitely I recommend Seria’s 6B/4B Pencil. My 5 years old son is using everyday, I don’t know how many of them already he finished. 1 pack with 2 pencils with a eraser. It’s a Very comfortable and easy pencil to write for kids.

My kid is using this 6B pencil everyday

(Can★Do) ヘア ケア商品
(Can★Do) Hair Care Products

今回お勧めしたいのはヘアケア商品の中でも見た目もかわいいヘアオイルです。あまりに人気で購入するのが困難になるほど人気のヘアオイル。見た目も小さな色鮮やかなカプセルでお土産に渡すのにもかわいいですよね。日本のお土産として渡すのはなんですが、日本から買ってきた可愛くてきれいな髪にしてくれるバリ島の洗い流さないヘアオイルということでどうでしょうか?色により効果も違うので全種類買ってみてはいかがでしょうか? エリップスとミランダとブランドも複数ありますが私はエリップスとミランダ両方を使用中です。

This time, I would like to recommend hair oil, which has a cute appearance among hair care products. Hair oil that is so popular that it becomes difficult to buy. It’s also cute to give as a souvenir in a small colorful capsule. The effect is different depending on the color, so why not buy all kinds? and How about you give the non-rinse hair oil from Bali that makes your hair beautiful and just tell them you bought them in Japan?

Hair Oil Miranda and Ellips

(Can★Do) リップスティックペン
(Can★Do) Lipstick pen


It looks like a cute lipstick and is full of glittering stars. Anyway, it’s cute, the pen is black and easy to write, and if you can work or study with such a cute pen, you will feel a little better. There are also colors available, so how about as a souvenir?

(Can★Do) コラボ 商品
(Can★Do) Collaboration products

Can★Do x コアラのマーチのコラボ商品。ロッテから1983年に発売されたコアラのマーチはチョコレート菓子で多くの人に愛されるロングラン商品です。そのコアラの”マーチくん”と”ワルツちゃん”が可愛い雑貨になっています。Can★Doとのコラボ商品はいつも他では見ないキャラクターとコラボをするのでお土産にも最適ですね。

Can★Do x marching Koalas collaboration products. ” Koala no March (Marching Koalas) ” is chocolate confectionery which has been sold by Lotte since 1983. The koalas “March-kun” and “Waltz-chan” are cute miscellaneous goods. Collaboration products with Can ★ Do are perfect as souvenirs because they always collaborate with characters that you won’t find anywhere else.



Many people may already feel 100-yen shops as a part of their daily lives in Japan. How I wish we had many 1 coins shops in Cebu so that I could buy many daily needed items by cheaper price. Recently the quality of the 100yen shop items become good, so can feel the satisfaction with their items. I am pretty sure that once you visit there, you can easily find something you need in your daily life. How about stop by 100yen shop in Japan?


By the way, Japanese 100-yen shops (Daiso) are also expanding into Cebu. There is a Daiso inside Island Central Mall near to the Mactan International Airport. And There are Daiso in Ayala Shopping mall and in Robinsons Galleria. The price is expensive in Cebu, but you can get good quality items by P88. If you need something at 100yen shop, how about stop by those branches in Cebu?

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